Sensor Analytics Australia is a research and development enterprise; specialising in systems and software for vibration, vision, and sound sensors in IoT and robotics. SAA provision data collectors (DACs) for datamining, pattern recognition, and visualisation of big data sets and streaming data sources. SAA also implement fully integrated end-to-end systems for Internet-of-Things (IoT) in collaboration with highly experienced IoT equipment and systems providers.

SAA provisions Machine Learning (ML) and Optimisation modelling, Artificial Intelligence (AI) - trained neural networks, and computer vision (CV) for industrial application.

intelligent IoT analytics-BigIoT™

S-BigIoT™ is an open source Raspbian image for RPI3 and above. S-BigIoT collects inputs from a variety of directly attached sensors, temperature, vibration, moisture etc supported IoT motes, ThingWave,NCD and USB devices. mics, cameras, Arduino boards It securely and reliably uploads device data to an S-BigAnalytics instance running anywhere on the Internet. Just-in-time (time_t=now) reports can be obtained on key operational statistics and business intelligence. Equipment monitoring, production area statistics, historical analyses, OHS related data logging, data forensics, supply-chain forecasting, predictive maintenance, perimeter security, public area statistics, computer-vision, heat-maps, alarms, quarantine, biosecurity, negative-pressure monitoring, chemical-biological-radiological (CBR) dispersion, environmental monitoring, flood-mapping enhancement are some of the functions provisioned by this system. Realtime sensor readings are also available through a live web-based dashboard. IoT dashboard S-BigAnalytics and S-BigIoT together form a unified end-to-end IoT data acquisition & processing framework for industrial, workplace, public health, security, and environmental applications.

intelligent sensor analytics-BigAnalytics™

big data analytics

S-BigAnalytics™ is an open source big data, machine learning, and datamining framework for IoT.

It is supported on Linux, MacOS, and MS-Windows. S-BigAnalytics™ is also provisioned as a ready-to-use SaaS on Lateral Blast Cloud. S-BigAnalytics™ is a virtual machine based platform that can be installed on any personal computer or in the cloud. It processes raw sensor data such as thermal, audio, and image/video, into:

  • Events
  • Business Intelligence (BI) about such events e.g. linked events
  • Insights into actions
  • Detecting anomalies and outliers
  • Gathering use-patterns and statistics
  • Predicting important events

S-BigAnalytics™ can apply its machine learning models to millions of records for gathering business intelligence in real-time.

S-BigAnalytics™ provisions a framework for IoT data acquisition and hosting machine learning and datamining apps.

sensor data loggin collectionystem Information

s-bigva security cam ipcam motion detect intelligent video analytics in surveillance and biomedical engineering R&D: Computer-Vision and Video Analytics

S-BigVA Video Analytics

Imagine having to watch a week's worth of motion activated security video of a window with large trees, in the backdrop, that can sometime sway. Task, to find the frames where the intruder is coming through this window. Video Analytics, or video content analysis, is a different problem to motion detection. Unlike motion detection, a scene may be continually changing e.g. something moving in the breeze or background motion yet a fundamental change to the scene (an anomaly) can still be detected. Automatic flagging of anomalous activity within long security cam recordings; including support for multi-camera inference.

Description: Open source, cloud deployable, software for IP cameras with motion-detection. Eliminates false alerts by 70%.

Further information in this white paper.

Status; S-BigVA™Beta version available for DOWNLOAD.

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Software Defined Sensor

SAA software defined sensor S-Sds™ defines an optimal customisation for any standard sensor for specific applications. Applications may range from shock wave detection to low frequency continuous vibrations of electric motors. It also allows use of standard peripherals devices such as line microphones to act as highly sensitive data acquisitions hardware.

Description: S-Sds™ is implemented as software driver and consumer algorithms within S-BigIoT™ and S-BigAnalytics™ respectively.

Applications: Monitoring for predictive-maintenance, shock wave analysis for hydraulic lines, and bio-medical uses.

Status; available.

Remote Object Recognition

Object recognition at very high-magnification with transient atmospheric compensation.

Applications: Hairline crack detection in wind turbines and other relatively inaccessible installations.
Near-orbit object monitoring and detection.

Status; available.

Passive Radio Sensor

Long-range radio beacon tracking analytics.
International Space Station tracking .

Status; available

Project: High-precision optical system localisation

Objective: Finding precise equipment orientation with IoT motes

Method: Camera enabled reader for fluid level and gyroscopic motion devices embedded in a compact format

Test-bed: Commodity narrow and wide field optical system for field data acquisition coupled with DAC; platform automation with IoT metering and robotic control

Applications:Automatic localisation of surveying systems

Project: Image information retrieval using non-visual analytics

Hypothesis: Some optical sensor data may contain information that is not easily discernible through visual representations.

Objective: Non-visual (informational) artefact discovery from optical sensor data

Method: In-situ data acquisition of naturally graded visual fields with narrow and wide field optical systems; exploration with bio-inspired bigdata analytics

  • Noise subtraction
  • Associative analyses
    • Content-addressable episodic memory
    • Contextual data (platform logs, environmental data)
  • Data outliers
  • CV object-recognition
  • Data-object information matrices for ML

Test-bed: Commodity narrow and wide field optical system for field data acquisition coupled with DAC; platform automation with IoT metering and robotic control

Applications: Remote dark object detection, remote site survey, medical diagnostics, autonomous guidance, predictive analysis

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