SAA is a research and development enterprise; specialising in systems and software for vibration, vision, and sound sensors in IoT and robotics. SAA provision data collectors (DACs) for datamining, pattern recognition, and visualisation of big data sets and streaming data sources. SAA also implement fully integrated end-to-end systems for Industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT) in collaboration with highly experienced IoT equipment and systems providers.

SAA provisions Machine Learning (ML) and Optimisation modelling, Artificial Intelligence (AI) - trained neural networks, and computer vision (CV) for industrial application.


S-BigAnalytics UIs

S-BigAnalytics™ is a big data, machine learning, and datamining software for IIoT.

It is supported on Linux, MacOS, and MS-Windows computers. S-BigAnalytics™ is also provisioned as a ready-to-use SaaS on Lateral Blast Cloud, which can be accessed on monthly pay-as-you-go basis. S-BigAnalytics™ is a virtual machine based platform that can be installed on any personal computer or in the cloud. It processes raw sensor data such as temperature, vibrations, and accelerations, into:

  • Events e.g. a mechanical part's malfunction
  • Business Intelligence (BI) about such events e.g. linked events
  • New insights into variety of industrial operations
  • Detecting anomalies and outliers occurring during plant operation
  • Gathering equipment use and staffing statistics
  • Predicting critical events

S-BigAnalytics™ SaaS can apply its machine learning models to millions of records, gathering deep BI, in a few seconds.

S-BigAnalytics™ provisions a suite of custom apps for machine learning and datamining on IIoT and camera sensor data.

Mobile phone apps are provided for live monitoring and alerts. All mobile phone apps are also accessible from personal computers; providing device-free access.

ystem Information

R&D: Computer Vision Analytics

Remote Object Recognition

Object recognition at very high-magnification with transient atmospheric compensation.

Application: Hairline crack detection in wind turbines and other relatively inaccessible installations.

Status; available.

Project: High-precision optical system localisation

Objective: Finding precise equipment orientation with IoT motes

Method: Camera enabled reader for fluid level and gyroscopic motion devices embedded in a compact format

Test-bed: Commodity narrow and wide field optical system for field data acquisition coupled with DAC; platform automation with IoT metering and robotic control

Applications:Automatic localisation of surveying systems

Project: Image information retrieval using non-visual analytics

Hypothesis: Some optical sensor data may contain information that is not easily discernible through visual representations.

Objective: Non-visual (informational) artefact discovery from optical sensor data

Method: In-situ data acquisition of naturally graded visual fields with narrow and wide field optical systems; exploration with bio-inspired bigdata analytics

  • Noise subtraction
  • Associative analyses
    • Content-addressable episodic memory
    • Contextual data (platform logs, environmental data)
  • Data outliers
  • CV object-recognition
  • Data-object information matrices for ML

Test-bed: Commodity narrow and wide field optical system for field data acquisition coupled with DAC; platform automation with IoT metering and robotic control

Applications: Remote dark object detection, remote site survey, medical diagnostics, autonomous guidance, predictive analysis

* Limited industrial research grants available; EOIs by email below


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